December 12, 2008

Japan has a winner for the stupidest 1200 truck.
It has independent rear suspension, air bags and tucks SSR MK3s al round.

Im pretty certain this is the same car back when it was solid axle. Most would be contempt with it as it is but a car is never low enough. A3A’s are the amazing.

I wish he hadn’t removed the lip but in reality he probably destroyed it on the road haha


6 Responses to “Winner”

  1. Shits hot, you guys in Auckland do it up somethin fierce.

  2. oh ps. i realize those pics are from jland but your style is Sovereign.

  3. PSS (LOL), you dont have to add this comment, but i was just letting you know i changed the URL to my blog if you try to go to it. so the first 2 comments might not work.


  4. slappythehomelessclown said

    cant….stop…reading………..this ….blog



  5. […] WINNER Posted by beeoneoneoh Filed in Random Japanese Metal, Sunnys ·Tags: Airbagged datsun 1200, サニトラ, サニー, sanitora, SSR Mk3 Leave a Comment » […]

  6. 86life said

    Its ridiculous but we all want one anyway. Its so hot and I love those LED headlights.

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