SS2000 Datsuns

December 15, 2008

These are quite old photos now, I took them sometime last year I think… can’t quite remember.

First off, we have Rick Bone’s SS2000 dominating KB110. <1600cc SS2000 championship winner of the 06/07 season.
This thing is amazing and you really have to see it race to believe how fast it is. It runs a highly developed A15, H165, 240k struts etc. Ill let the photos do the talking:

Rick frequently spanks hondas, which given the time and engineering differences is quite amazing.

Glen Gordon drives this 16V 4AGE 1200 coupe

ANOTHER KB110 competing in SS2000. I did not take these photos, compliments go to ground sky photography ( I thought however that they deserve to be grouped with the rest of these classics. I am unsure of what powers it, but it looks like it does pretty well.


Who could foget Tony Goldsmith’s F20c Datsun 1600 when the topic of SS2000 comes up. Definately the one to beat, he competes in the <2000cc class of SS2000 and more often then not takes it away. Tip of the hat Tony.

Now this one isnt an SS2000 Datsun, hell its barely a Datsun at all. Aparently the only thing original is the floor pan and the roof. Ive been told its originally a 4 door which should be correct since nz never officially got 2 doors, and the rear two doors where welded up. Its powered by a RB20DET with a full tube frame front end.

As I said, these photos are quite old now. I hear the Mr Bone has done a big rebuild of his coupe and I would be suprised if that last RB 1200 hasn’t been developed a large amount by now. I’d really like to see more of these guys in the future.

Heres a a video in two parts of a handicap race at Taupo, SS2000 class. Focusing on Rick Bone and his 1200, how fast is this thing!

AE86’s, corollas, civics, starlets, integras, 1200’s, 1600, an evo etc, go rick!

There ya have it, enjoy the pictures


3 Responses to “SS2000 Datsuns”

  1. nicky wyatt said

    Hey Chris, do you want some more upto date pics of SS2000? email me I’ll let you know where to find them.

    Hows things with you, haven’t seen you or your dad round for a while. Hope every thing is good and every one is well.
    P.s LUV your site :)

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Hey Nicky, would love them! I have been trying to get to a SS2000 meet for some time now but every time I have to work or uni sticks it’s ugly head in things. We’ve been around, every time we come past you’re no where to be seen. Thanks, it keeps me entertained

  2. nicky wyatt said

    hey email me so i can send you photo’s. or can i upload them directly to your site if so how?
    Sorry I missed you

    do you need my email, or does your site provide you with it?

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