Pukekohe Historics

January 26, 2009

I had to work yesterday which meant me missing out on getting to shoot the Historics at Pukekohe.
My dad was rearing to go so I set him up with my 20D. He hasn’t taken motorsport photo’s in a good 20 years so only took a few. Check em out.

Kenny Smith, definitely my favourite of the day






Kinda wish he got more, or shud I say I wish I was there to shoot.



2 Responses to “Pukekohe Historics”

  1. kyteler said

    Do thank your father man, what he did take are nice pictures, I enjoyed them!

    As a side note, I know I just did that story of Kane’s 510 on my site, I almost sent another PM just before but I figured a certain Toyota powered B110 was more in tune with your site ;) If you’ve not seen it, click the “my toy” in the Datsun’s Member’s Thread.

  2. cheater5 said

    Came out pretty good for a relic haha

    PM sent KY :D

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