Get in the back

January 30, 2009

Shit went down on Wednesday. It was sunny, way to hot and perfect for shooting skate. Txts went round and Devoport was decided. Get in the back Jake, meet you there Kayle.
Photos were taken:

Smiles on ya dials

What are the chances of wearing the same singlets? Pretty big actually when you’re sponsored by the same company…

Bone, boardslide


Tailgrab over the nipple


Fish in your eye

Jake rocks out


Unknown grommet

Devo has usually been my favourite park to shoot because it was tagged up like none other. However thats long gone now with grey paint replacing it. No more crazy backgrounds.

Lunch time

Only the best for us! Mikkey dees, the food of champions.


Back home to the local. BBZ goes off.

The rail was bashed up so a rail sesh was in order.


Tail tail tail

Joe impressed

Nose nose nose


Its not called brownsbay zoo for nothing ya know. Kiddies in my shot


There we go

Got a few more than I intended to. If you weren’t expecting loads of photos you wouldn’t be here now would you.
I need to sort myself some decent lights for some night photos.


One Response to “Get in the back”

  1. josh said

    Some epic pictures man.
    PINE the tie-dye

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