Expression Sunny Truck

February 13, 2009

It’s these small Japanese auto shops which really make me smile. Check out Expression, they do custom parts and aero, race prep, restoration and well; pretty much all of it.

Expression caught my eye not because of their AE86 race car or their restoration work, but, of course their Sunny Truck work.

Sunnys have been raced from day one. The light weight chassis with the cast in mount doom A series make them such a good base. Funny thing is though, that you don’t see to many trucks being raced, mainly coupes, obviously because of their aerodynamics but there are so many trucks around that you’d think that there would be more on the track.
Which leaves me here, with a very smooth looking GB122…


The GB122 is a longbed variant like my own, G being the longbed prefix.  The B122 is the later model “1200” truck produced from 1987-1994.

This is no standard Sunny truck however. From what I can gather, it runs either a bored out A13 or an A14, with quad motorcycle carbs, cams and a decent head grind/porting. I don’t doubt by the quality of everything else I see that there isn’t more hiding in this engine.

What REALLY stands out about this car however is it’s Carbon Fibre rocker cover, now thats some sexy craftsmanship right there.


Tell me ^ isn’t bad ass


You’ve spotted them already haven’t you….
Since I’ve been on the subject of bike carbs on the A series, this seems like an appropriate feature since this A series roars through a rack of Mikuni TMR MJN41φ. Stolen from a CB1300SF or Honda X4, they are more than up to the job.


They are a slide throttle type carb instead of the usual butterfly type you see in cars. This means less turbulence, greater flow and greater tyre delaminating power.


What a lot of people might miss is that this 1200 has smartly ditched the factory slush box recirculation ball steering box for an AE86 rack and pinion. It doesn’t stop there though, it also got AE86 struts and adjustable lower control arms.

Expression’s website:


3 Responses to “Expression Sunny Truck”

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  3. Jacob said

    That is one beautfiul sunny, wish my ute looked THAT good.. congrates on the work.


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