“Short ride height, Drag, Rim deep”

February 26, 2009

No doubt you have seen a few photos from the meet if you spend as much time on the interwebs trolling Japanese websites/forums as we do. I even did a quick post of the SANITORA, here. BUT now we have large, good quality photos of some of the best examples out. Behold the awesomeness that is “Short ride height, Drag, Rim deep”.

How do 9’s sound? Awesome? I thought you might say that.

There are 39 photos here, which is quite a few when you are waiting for them all to load, SO here is the rest of the gallery in thumbnail form. But first, one or two more of my favs.

I spy with my little eye, a Zed with a mighty wing, and a VB210 graced with Wats.

Datsun, Toyota, DAIHATSU… One ruley formula, brewed to perfection.



11 Responses to ““Short ride height, Drag, Rim deep””

  1. Joel said

    Please have your ute’s stance the same as the top photo + hardtop. So awesome

  2. admin said

    awesome pics man! so inspirational

  3. beeoneoneoh said

    As if anyone off driftworks has any style at all :S
    Also lol kyteler, what are you doing on driftworks? Your pacemaker would have a fit if you tried to drift your stroller/grannykart

  4. ADAM said

    oh god… so fresh so clean…. one day i hope!

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  7. […] so many good cars were in one place, most of which are hard to find pictures of. I posted about it here, here and here. The guys up front holding and raising hands? Total sunny […]

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