Monkey Bars: Rowdy 1200 Truck

March 26, 2009

There are a lot of sunny trucks out there but rarely do you see anything new or different to the usual. Actually there aren’t enough modified diff setups in trucks out there, nor are there enough pictures of cages in trucks. Pretty obvious why however, I want to see more. Upon finding this one, I thought shit that’s a bit different in a bad ass kind of way.
A special, brought to you by Minkara hense the lack of details. Pictures are good enough for this western Datsun nerd.
I’ve added the Kanji to the pics for search references :)

First up, the necessities. GX bullet fender mirrors, and a wide set of TRD Tosco wheels. Money is on 13×8’s but that isn’t confirmed. These go for big yen in Japan and suit it quite well. Pity about the gap but we can see past that.


Chopped then resprayed in glossy white. Straight panels on a truck are hard to find in the sea of trolley dents and fat friends leaning again the quarters. Damn you all. You might have picked up the removed and filled bumperettes or what some people call corner bumpers on the rear along with the tray lip being chopped off. Popular mod around the world. Give me factory metal any day. Is that the exhaust in the tray? You damn right it is son. There’s no room under a low truck for an exhaust unless you just going to drag that thing around, these guys have cared though and relocated it. Carrying things is overrated anyway.

マウント (Mount)

You aren’t seeing things. It’s modified rear end week here are beeoneoneoh and here is a text book example of a 4 link + panard rod setup in a truck. The leaf setup has been abolished and the shiny bits made themselves at home quite nicely.

リーフ廃止、コイルオーバー (Abolished leaf, coil-over).

室内 (indoor)

Cage cage cage! ロールケージ. “If you’re gon’ act dumb, ya better be tough”. Although the rear bars aren’t the prettiest, they’re going to save your life in a decent crash. At least they shine, hotrod edition.

エンジン (Engine)
Bored out A15, まつおかタコ足 (Octopus feet)/ extractors, FCR41 bike carbs, ported head and 56A 5 speed ala GX-5. That’s all I could find on the build up of this A15 but I’m sure there is much more to it. “Dori heaven” quoted from the horses mouth. I think that probably sums up this car quite well.

マフラー (Muffler)

Imagine driving behind that. As I said before. Different, unique. Clean. One last quote from the owner himself: “I was scared from Sylvia. Shrew, and no traction w Banchou HOIRUSUPIN”

These guys just went up a notch in my books. Hand bent octopus feet. All class.

Take that Coby exhausts.

Man these guys are the gift that keeps on giving. The main group of photos posted on their minkara are all of Kei cars. Mainly a Suzuki Alto (or at least I’m pretty sure it is) that gets thrashed. It looks like they get a good deal of snow where they live as there are many pictures such as:

You win, give them the prize.

Check out the rest of their minkara HERE for more action. Keep it up.

– Chris


5 Responses to “Monkey Bars: Rowdy 1200 Truck”

  1. tis said

    I want that weels. Crazy build up. Wondering whats the purpose of this truck. Drift?

    And the hand bent extractor is hotness.

  2. disco bob said

    crazy ass, got a pic of that one in yokohama

  3. dirtyleppa said

    simply awesome, cant say i like its muff but that wicked paint makes up for it

  4. ADAM said

    that just happened!!!!

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