Zeb is a huge nerd- Part 1

May 15, 2009

A GT4 nerd to be precise. Now personally, I grew old of Grand Turismo after number 2 (the greatest one), and Forza 2 stole my attention. Not Zeb though, hes put a lot of man hours into these “photos”, playing till his fingers bled and his mum called for dinner. “I’VE ONLY GOT ONE RACE LEFT!!”

Here’s part one of some GT love:
Wallpaper size

C10 spitting flames

You can tell Zeb loves the C10/C110

F1 scenery

Daihatsu make some crazy cool cars, here’s a Midjet mixing it up with the big boys.

David and Goliath shit happening right here.

Camber time

Ugh, Toyota 7. Such a badass car. If I was going to build a rep of something, itd be one of these.

This post reminds me of: https://beeoneoneoh.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/ps-nostalgia/ <this post.
Ages ago I did a quick post on GT2, check it.

Part two coming up.

5 Responses to “Zeb is a huge nerd- Part 1”

  1. Zeb said

    All my hard work finally recognised, I think I might have a moment…

  2. Banpei said

    I think I had the same as you did: GT2 was the last Gran Tourismo I played till the end (as far as that was possible) and then played it once more till the end. ;)
    I only played GT3 and GT4 briefly but never found the thrill I once found in GT2. Maybe because the Tomica Skyline R30 Super Silhouette was not in the game anymore or maybe because the Escude Pikes Peak was a bit less drivable…

  3. […] the contributions from Zebulonicus on beeoneoneoh recently (Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt I. & Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt. II) reminded me of the folder full of GT4 pictures on my old USB […]

  4. pablo said

    Gt2 is pfobably one of the better games of the Gran Turismo series but when Gt4 came out i was all over it i couldnt stop playing it

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