Zeb is a huge nerd- Part 2

May 20, 2009

Carrying on from part one of Zeb’s nerdtastic GT4 adventure.

A lot of these are wallpaper size if anyone cared.

Not many words here, I know you guys just like looking at the pretty pictures anyway.

Blitz R34



Where are all the Datsuns! oh wait, here we go…

#4 in the bamboo.

Z32 linking

Good panning technique Zeb…

One for the Mitsi owners, GTO getting crossed up

This Jag climbed a mountain it did.

Heres some for old man southern, get off my lawn.

Ending up this duo how we started, C chassis skyline sliding.

Well that about wraps it up. I’d say it’s about time you got some fresh air Zeb, ya know there might even be time to work on that wale of yours. I hear balloon stretch does wonders for handling.

– Chris

3 Responses to “Zeb is a huge nerd- Part 2”

  1. kyteler said

    32GT-R rims on an S54B? Really? Zeb.. you need shot.

  2. Zeb said

    Hah, must’ve been the best on offer of the second hand wheels that day. Should’ve done super advans just for you

  3. […] the contributions from Zebulonicus on beeoneoneoh recently (Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt I. & Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt. II) reminded me of the folder full of GT4 pictures on my old USB stick, unfortunately, I […]

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