A 1000 wagons

June 10, 2009

I have moved on from my wagon but in no way have I forgotten them.
They’re not much bigger than a matchbox, they feed petrol and air into a humming 1000cc inferno and have more space in them than a $2 hooker…… They are Datsun 1000 wagons!

Lil round fender mirrors, little monsoons and a little sunroof. A could imagine driving the coast in this pale banana, surfboards/tent/bbq in the back, some notes flowing out the tape deck in tune with the revey A10. Ahhhhhhhh

Back to reality

Slammed VB10 next to the van equivalent of radical, the early C20.

Fender mirrors mounted on the side of the fender and button indicator lights.

Red vinal interior

– Chris


2 Responses to “A 1000 wagons”

  1. Chmompy said

    4 spoke wats on the banana?

  2. […] More banana here Posted by beeoneoneoh Filed in Random Japanese Metal, Sunnys ·Tags: サニーB10, Datsun 1000, Datsun B10 3 Comments » […]

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