Teruyoshi Iwai’s D1GP KP61

June 11, 2009

You’ve all seen the video, you’ve all gawked at how awesome it is and you’ve all dreamt about driving this better than better KP starlet. Note: another Mikami Auto’s sponsored car, I think I will give them an email.

Teruyoshi Iwai’s 20V 4AGE boasting KP61 is something else. Back in 2005 and 2006 he piloted his KP round a few rounds of D1GP putting stupid grins on everybodys face who watched. In 2007 he got through 6 rounds in his S15 and in 2008 slid around in an AE86, go Iwai go.

Small, light, peakey NA engine, low, wide. What a good combo.

It’s running practically a whole AE86 suspension/steering setup. Diff, steering rack etc. TRD EP71 Shocks in the front holding onto 8kg Silkroad springs keep it from boating around. 5KG rears, probably to stop it skipping accross the tarmac so much. I probably weight more than the rear of this thing and I’m no big guy.

In his pile of wheels there are streets, mk2’s and mk3’s. I’d love to know the tyre specs and more about this car but there isn’t to much info on the e-nets. I’ve posted some links at the bottom of the page.

Two door, drop hatch, TRD style wing, circle chrome mirrors, tiny wheels with equally tiny tyres and a 20V 4age sliding around, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?

One day…. One day I’d like my truck to be a sunny version of this car (minus the 4age, plus a rad A15) in the sliding context anyway.

For those of you who can read Japanese, check out Iwai’s blog here, and the Neo Force website here. Have a look through the site, some pretty cool stuff in there like drift technique (complete with mini vids) and an assload small videos of some of the track days(including some bigger higher powered cars ;))

For that wicked short section of Iwai and his KP61 from VOption, click here

For another small video of it when it was blue, click here


7 Responses to “Teruyoshi Iwai’s D1GP KP61”

  1. Brendan Mint16 said

    starlets with no rear bumpers or shaved rears are both epic fails!

  2. SANITORA said

    tuffest one round!!! this car is no joke!!!

  3. slappythehomelessclown said

    Sikk car!

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  6. Joe said

    damn that little car. its sooo cute.

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