The Graveyard

July 11, 2009

CAUTION: Not suitable for those with heart conditions, mad infatuations for old Japanese metal, or mental conditions caused by inhaling to much tyre smoke.

Brought to you by what I call ‘The Graveyard Blog’, painful images to haunt your dreams of dead cars. Dead Japanese cars.

Here’s some of the latest:

:( yet another wagon bites the dust.

kusahiro exploration
They go exploring the country side for dead cars. There must be quite a few around, for there are about a million pages of these horrifying images. There are some pretty wack cars in there too, not only the commoners, turning up in some unusual places. Down the sidebar are links to some common cars found.

GX 1200 Coupe making me sad

VPC20, Early C20 van that made my mind wonder a while ago. Wish NZ got these. There’s actually quite a few photos of C20’s rusting away.

2000GT C10 looking not to pretty

Go have a look, if your stomach can take it.

– Chris


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  1. sanitora said


  2. […] after depressing us with the former BeeOneOneOh redeemed himself with some pics of the Flyrat Cherry X-1R. This is […]

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