Killing time: Yahoo!

July 20, 2009

So I’m trolling Yahoo auctions and…..

Am I missing something? This sedan is STILL on yahoo. 120,000YEN or about NZ$2000 is nothing, I’d be jumping all over this thing. It’s probably full of rust and doesn’t run haha. 13×8 and 8.5j mk1’s and 155/60/13’s ruling the world.

Cleaner than clean

Also noticed what looks to be a good condition body VB110, not something to common these days.

Bullet mirrors and a chinspoiler, nice. 420,000YEN or about NZ$7000, ouch

Needs a bumper and a lower.

Also, would someone please give this guy the medal for biggest cabin spoiler ever, I mean I’m always up for a good cabin spoiler but dang things a bit big no?
Silver truck


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