X-1R or bust: Flyrat delivers again

July 20, 2009

Another sweet Datsun from Flyrat, this time a straight as an arrow Datsun Cherry X-1R. [insert plug here]

70’s body lines that I love so much in old cars. New cars just can’t cut the mustard, all looking the same and junk. No imagination.

Ever thought that the front half of a Cherry kinda looks like a 180B? A stumpy one but.

How straight is that body! So jelous

Yeah it is front wheel drive, but A12 powered still! Definately one of the coolest FWD classics out there.

Impul wheels sitting just under the flares

Cheers Flyrat for the good photos.


7 Responses to “X-1R or bust: Flyrat delivers again”

  1. durty said

    world largest c pillar?

  2. […] after depressing us with the former BeeOneOneOh redeemed himself with some pics of the Flyrat Cherry X-1R. This is how a proper “atomic […]

  3. great pics of a great car. I own 1 of only two of these cars in Australia.

  4. Wombat Racing said

    Thnaks for the welcome. I would love to have this car parked in my drive way. I have just fitted the a14 and 5 speed gear box out of a N10 pulsar into one of my E10 sedans and hope have the body repaired and painted soon.

  5. Does anyone have any info on who owns this, or a more in depth feature? Such a lovely car, pitty they are so rare! Shares similar lines with a lot of Old Jap cars, such as kpgc110.

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