Yarrrr a fine vessel indeed

July 29, 2009

WPB310, it’s what’s for breakfast. I cast an eye upon thee yonder seven seas and they replied with this magnificently low Sunny wagon. If there’s one thing I like more than low trucks and cars it’s low wagons, the wagoneers amoung you will agree I’m sure.

Wagons are and will always be my first love. Big assed and full of space they always look that little bit lower than their siblings. This one is on YAJ right now! I hope this is inspiring some of you because I would love to see more of these hovering around. LINK TO AUCTION

Spinning through 5 gears is the never disappointing A15 equipped with flat top side suckers and that always out of reach Hitachi filter housing.

F- 14×7 (-19) 155/55/14, R- 14×8 (-10) 165/55/14
Beans, tridents, spitfires, whatever you want to call them they actually kind of suit it!  At least the fitment is spot on. I’m imagining it with a set of 14×8 AP racing wheels right now however.

I wondered for a bit, ” have I seen that before? I’m sure I have”. It has had a makeover since I last right click saved the last few and I must say it is looking much classier in that beige hue.

White looked good to though!

Last two photos are from Kenchans factory


4 Responses to “Yarrrr a fine vessel indeed”

  1. Zeb said

    Dude, those rims really suit 310s, it’s all in the tyres though!

  2. Zeb said

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Bioengineers Create Stable Networks of Blood Vessels

    I lol’d

  3. Eliot said

    Dayum, love 310s. Was going to attempt procuring one until Sapporo of not allowed manji cos I’m not leet as Zeb turned up

  4. […] Marvis has requested some B310 Sunny wagon photos so naturally the bean wagon popped into my mind first. I’m never a fan of Tridents (Jellybeans, whatever you want to call them) but this wagon pulls them off pretty well – the 165/55 no doubt helps. I will post a few more from the folder soon but I thought this was as good a starting point as any. For another B310 wagon on beans, click here me matey […]

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