Red Roadster Red Roadster

August 10, 2009

I’ve never really paid much attention to the Datsun Roadster before and it’s not a frequent conversation topic on many forums I troll so I was stoked to see this one doing it up large. I think it deserves a mention…

These are old photos and it’s changed a bit since them (see photos below). Myself, I liked the all red look but you can’t say it doesn’t look sexy otherwise. Sitting pretty with the Men of 510 1600, they make a good pair.

Some flares to hide those big tyres and equally as big Watanabes fit right at home with the front lip hanging off the front.

The addition of some black to the hood ala Datsun 1000, some vynal and the reduction of some chrome and here you are. Pretty classic look really, the inverted rising sun.

Pretty badass little car to be honest, if NZ got these I’d rock one for sure. Bit of a lower and some sidewall reduction and it’d be calling the sheriff out.

I’m hardly one to give a history lesson or really care to much about the finer points but I had to have a quick search to fuel my interest. The line started off with a whole litre of engine in the S211 and gratuated to the U20 2 litre 4 pot in the later SR311 with the R16 1.6 litre engine in there too. There were also numerous body changes in the line ending up looking like what you see above. The S211 is shown below, classey.

Photo from wikipedia



7 Responses to “Red Roadster Red Roadster”

  1. Zeb said

    You’d have to grow your hair out before you could REALLY drive one of these with the top down. Picture this, Kriz Kane, flying by, sunset, past the beach, and into the hills.

    Start growing it now pls.

  2. Brendan Mint16 said

    mike old_datto_fan in kapiti has a sr311 roadster, us import from dry cali :)
    the scary thing is, i saw a light blue roadster broken down four blocks from home late last year, a sr311 roadster in hastings!?! what!?!

  3. kyteler said

    Keen to see what happened to Nelson’s LHD ex-US race Fairlady Roadster too. Wonder if it’ll make the track in the coming years of not.

  4. Slappy said

    Great find! Badass little roadster for sure.

  5. sanitora said


  6. rcnetworksracing said

    Cool, looks like more of a JDM spec and a little less of a real racer…

    Still hard to find nice Datsun Roadster race cars…

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