Iwai is back: D1GP KP61

September 2, 2009

After a long lull between competing events, Teruyoshi Iwai 岩井照宜 is back with his KP61. Ebisu was the host of round 5 of the D1GP and I had a big smile on my dial when I saw that he had competed again. I did a post of this car a while back, check it out for more photos

 As you can imagine, a tiny KP61 versus a bunch of highly tuned ‘modern’ cars was not real match, however I get much more stoke from watching him slide his KP than 90% of the top cars. He summed up a 93.87 in his qualifying run which didn’t get him into the top 20 but ah well, give me a field of KPs like his any day.

The first two photos are from car@nifty, cheers guys. In that post I did a while ago I linked to a video of this car off option2, definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it before. Teruyoshi has a mad faint.

This next bunch of photos are some I found trolling, and are from way back. 2005.

Hard parking


One last little one. Cool

I hope there is some more video of it in the next option


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