For Nick: KP Starlet post

September 7, 2009

Motivation for Nick’s Starlet numero duo

I have about a million KP photos saved, here’s a mindless photo dumb. There’s a large contribution from GOGOKP! head over there for lots of little hatchs sliding around.

4Dr, White, Non-drop. Close enough. Do this^ but with cooler wheels

Same basic formula still holding true. Get motivated Nick


6 Responses to “For Nick: KP Starlet post”

  1. Rob said

    Buy some 13×8 TRD Toscos – dude has them for sale for around $1200nz for a set. Be so mean on KP

  2. Nick said

    Haha cheers man, some sweet kp’s here. Let me know if ya get your hands on those fender mirrors, highly keen. I think im feeling the starsharks buzz….low, starsharks, fender mirrors, sorted for manji.

  3. ntboon said

    I had one that I liked…..
    Manji+ KP + Nick = bent

    • beeoneoneoh said

      I have a few photo’s of you sliding it from that first D2 day in town boon. That made me chuckle so hard, was upshowing some much more modified cars haha

  4. Phil said

    Can’t remember where I found this so can’t give due credit – but I quite like this one.

  5. garagers said

    nick, do u want the fender mirrors off my corona?? get my number off chris if you do.

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