:0 GX-5 KB110

October 19, 2009

I have only seen this car once before, in fact it was one of my first posts on Beeoneoneoh. I still think this has got to be one of my favourite street coupes ever, period. I found more photos of it on a Japanese Yahoo blog I follow which is run by the man who drives this rad little sedan.

The photos were taken at the 14th Zawa Classic Car Festival, which featured some other outstanding Sunnys but this I conclude has to be my favourite.

Bam! Instant desktop photo. About the only thing that could make this cooler would be a chin spoiler (besides the fact you can never be too low). It looks like it has either been stored in a bubble, inside a welded shut warehouse, protected by a pack of raging Godzillas with lasers for eyes, or it has been restored to a fine presentation. Possibly the later but I’m going with the previous.

Interesting to note that it’s rolling on 175/50 A048 semi slicks on the rear… but not the front. Must be all that power the A13 is putting down haha.


18 Responses to “:0 GX-5 KB110”

  1. anth said

    so clean, so awesome

  2. sanitora said

    thats classy man, id relocate the battery though!!! other than that its pron…

  3. ekhatch said

    That valve cover! That is one sexy machine!

  4. Everything is just so “right” about this machine!

    Agree that it could use a front spoiler, but that’s just nit pickin…

    The Hayashi’s totally set it off, love this joint!


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  6. steve webb said

    Wow,..! nice datsun! great work with the restoration!,……

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  8. Vitor said

    o datsun é muito bonito.
    tell me the kind of the front “jante” and its size please.
    They 7J?

  9. Vitor said

    Would like to know how and where you have acquired the rims to your datsun.
    Please answer to my e-mail (vitorsousa_52@hotmail.com)

  10. Vitor said

    Would like to know how and where you have acquired the rims to your datsun.
    Please answer to my e-mail (vitorsousa_52@hotmail.com)

  11. Jonas said

    Where you have acquired your rims??

  12. Datsun\ said

    Would like to know how and where you have adquired your rims?
    What is their ET?!


  13. Johnson Darcy said

    This is immaculate! Love it so much. I’m trying to get a nice white coupe currently and will want to lower it and put a worked a15 inside her.

    Also, love the racing rims. I know they are 7J and 8J, but does anyone know (or pick it from the photos) what size tyres they are running with? The stretch on the back is perfect!


  14. Sean said

    what make rims is that?

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