Kamikaze Attack

December 11, 2009

Parking like an outright champion on SSR MKIIIs


7 Responses to “Kamikaze Attack”

  1. SANITORA said

    my lord, that is one fantastic beast… any more info?????

  2. Slappy said

    I know i prolly post on here to much but man that truck looks down right amazing.

  3. AL said

    ‘spend too much time staring at hieroglyphics’

    haha, yeah true!!!

  4. hachirokuGTV said

    That is insane!

  5. andygallagher said

    Shit thats badass. Wonder what sort of steering lock it has.

  6. […] must be 7s in the front as it doesn’t look like he’s running a lot of camber up front. Another photo Posted by beeoneoneoh Filed in Random Japanese Metal, Sunnys ·Tags: サニトラ, […]

  7. Pedro said

    This is a great truck. Always loved the 1200 long bed, and this one, is top notch.

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