New Years meet 2010

January 15, 2010

It’s that time again, the first oldschool car meet of the year.  It was a pretty good turnout,  we filled up a good portion of the car park on hand. Although I preferred the tree surrounded location of last year (cornwall park) it was good not to have to hustle for space.
I took a few photos for those who didn’t make it.

I gathered all the Datsun’s of that time period and got them in a row. There’s a few more missing from this photo however, they turned up late and what not.

GX park up

Until next year

7 Responses to “New Years meet 2010”

  1. […] the Japanese New Year Meeting doesn’t take place for another few weeks but here’s BeeOneOneOh’s photos from their local meet in Auckland. I am in love with this visor-clad Crown […]

  2. Marcus S said

    Saweet.. Christchurch old school meet is tomorrow datsun clubs and toyota clubs are all involved i’d be happy to send you some pics to post. It’s gonna be huge.

  3. Dave said

    Hiya Chris, was good to meet you today. Can I ask what settings/filters you were using today as your shots have come out with fantastic colour and clarity compared to mine, although I was only using auto mode.

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Hey Dave, yeah good to meet you to even if it was brief. I used a circular polarizer filter which definitely made the biggest impact, the sun was pretty harsh and directly overhead so I used fill in flash a few times where the noses of the cars were in shadow. Otherwise nothing special, usual camera technique keeping the shutter speeds up and varying the aperture for the d.o.f I wanted. Chris

  4. sanitora said

    good turnout, wihs there was more old school meets these days…

  5. sparky said

    Sweet pics brother, finally got decent one of that junk soarer to show off.


  6. Hi there,

    Great photos, excellent turn-out – highly jealous.

    Would love to get a National Show going here in N.Z – like the Show n’ Shine they have in Brisbane every year.

    By the way I’m trying to piece together the history of Japanese Vehicles in New Zealand.

    This ‘work in progress’ is available here:

    Contributions can submitted care of the website in the header (above)

    Cheers there.


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