Shaun’s S14A

January 25, 2010

Blitz 03 – Vertex – GP Sports – BN Sports – Apexi


18 Responses to “Shaun’s S14A”

  1. Marcus S said


  2. So fresh and so clean

  3. That fist shot is so pimp!

  4. Olly said

    Awesome man! Nice car! Good to see the 03’s went to a good home!

  5. s0apgun said

    really really good. desktop sizes?

  6. Tony said

    SO clean!
    Wheels look spot on.

  7. Freddy said

    SEXY as Hell!!
    Great Combos!!

  8. eseer said

    Very Nice 14! I wish I’d see more of those Blitz rims around though; Very underrated!

  9. anth said

    awesome shots man, I’d love a wallpaper of the first one

  10. Isidro said

    desktop on all 3 please!

  11. On point. Your coming up with crazy stuff and its only January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mike said

    The Vegas Girl! lol.

    I dig it! so 2001!

  13. […] BBQ and meet / April, 2011 Nick’s NA6, Mark’s FC3S, Josh’s E30, Jays JZZ30, Shaun’s S14A, Joel’s S13, C’s Garage KE70, Adam’s S14 […]

  14. s0apgun said

    Hey Chris,

    Seems you have a bunch of broken image links on your blog :/

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