video video video

February 3, 2010

So finally, after a few low powered computer annoyances, here’s the video. It’s not magic but it was my first time, oh yeah I forgot the tripod in my truck hence the somewhat shakiness. Enough excuses, video’s fun (when shit goes right) and I’ll definitely be doing a bit more between photos although it does make either one disjointed when you’re doing both. Massive thanks to Olly for some background help on getting it to render properly, you’re the man. Watch it in HD.


13 Responses to “video video video”

  1. Hug-o said

    yes yes yes

  2. Olly said

    Good work Chris glad you got it man! You have some skilllzzzzz I feel a co-lab goin down in the future!

  3. waz said

    nicely done

  4. Davy said

    mean! track = pharcyde?

  5. Mattzy said

    Beautiful dude. That hairpin almost beg’s fisheye!


  6. beeoneoneoh said

    Yea man, totally begging. Thanks all for the comments.

  7. Blink said

    Check the Rhime. Good work bebo!

  8. ryan fels said

    ahhh worth the wait. you going to be doing more videoing on the 10th?

  9. Cheers for the comment man! you take real good videos and photo aye. Might have to get some tips off you when my camera arrives!

  10. beeoneoneoh said

    I’m leaving for Thailand on the 9th so won’t see much from me for a while Ryan

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