Be right back

February 7, 2010

I’m flying to Thailand tonight. Interesting. Beeoneoneoh may be a little more spaced between posts. I’ve done a stack of drafts and timed them to keep you interested.
So this is my truck as I leave, no more black on the MKIIs (finally) and still 4WD status in the rear (sigh). I have a bunch of plans for it for when I return and gain some currency so fingers crossed two thou and ten means more time for it on the track.


14 Responses to “Be right back”

  1. Slappy said

    Stay away from those ladyboys! …haha

  2. HENRY! said


    And yeah, you better watch out, haha.

  3. BillyFIVE said

    dang that thing is damn near perfect! good work sir!

  4. Eliot said

    Keen to see this with something wild between struts

  5. Seen in Japan said

    Your Sunny truck is awesome!

  6. rpreme said

    Your sunny truck is looking good as always. The stance is just beautiful!

  7. Benjamin said

    Now that Sir looks bad ass!

  8. IgniteSoul said

    4×4 status eh? you hold it down better than most people in the states ;)

  9. Rob said


    can you drop me an email when you get a min?

    I had a q about NZ

  10. T-Bone said

    i think theres a high possibility of me getting a ute haha :D

  11. enoezam said

    More track time? I’m waitin.

  12. kmakzi said

    such a cool lil pick up, must me hard to find these days

  13. kmakzi said

    do these have the same suspension set up as a c120 vanette (a15)?

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