March 6, 2010

13×9 -20
I have decided to say goodbye to my flower pots. I will also post abroad which makes it viable to someone with a strong currency vs. NZ.
Contact me with a legitimate offer if you’re interested. Pair only

8 Responses to “”

  1. Slappy said

    Hello, would you be so kind as to email me a wallpaper size version of this photo…please?

  2. Jesse said

    I’d like one as well. That’s a mean picture.

  3. IgniteSoul said

    I’m actually interested in these.. located in the US. I really want 14″ though, but perhaps you could email me what you’re looking to get for them. Might sway my decision.. Thanks!


  4. Rob said

    Giz me a week homes

  5. HeroStyle said

    Did you ever sell these wheels?

    If not, would you take 700 shipped to the USA?

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