March 8, 2010

I’m not a religious guy by any means but the chance to see these impressive statues, temples, buildings of faith can’t be passed up. These first two are Budda statues from Ko Samui and I’m sure the Thai readers will recognise them.

They weren’t all colourful and bright, we visited Ayutthaya an ancient city and a world heritage site. The steps were somewhat brutal on this thing. Awesome view though.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Slappy said

    Whoa! These photos are amazing!

  2. se7en111 said

    Ko Samui and Ayutthaya great

  3. Sawadee Khrab! I’m about to go to Bangkok and I’m sooo excited about my holiday. Already got the flight to Bangkok and from there I’ll go travel around Phuket and of course stay a couple of days in Bangkok, I saw your awesome website on Google and it seems that you know a lot about Bangkok. Would you kindly give me some advice where to stay in Bangkok? I’ve read there are a couple of good resorts in the main town and in the north… Thank you in advance!

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