Dear SSGarage

April 5, 2010

The more I look at your KB310 the more I love it. After posting the previous photos I can’t help but be drawn back and I spend way to much time dreaming.

The whole car is as clean as they come. There is no unnecessary clutter.

Sitting on pitlane, Fuji.

The cleanliness of the engine bay is surprising and the total loss electrical system is serious cool. Every part of this car means business and really ups the quality of the whole build. One day I wish to stand on pit lane next to this car and take photos. Until then, I will continue to follow your blog and watch your website. Don’t stop killing it.


4 Responses to “Dear SSGarage”

  1. T-Bone said

    yarrr i thnk its gonna be a b310 tht ur ex-mkiis go on chris

  2. HeroStyle said

    I cant get over the awesome color combination on that car. So amazing. You’re slowly teaching me to love nissans ;) haha

  3. Nigel said

    This car is very nice. Looking for pics of b310’s and sunny’s is how I found Beoneoneoh.

  4. slims246 said


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