April 14, 2010

Seriously, damn these look so good in TS Style fibreglass
Taken from Sato’s blog


4 Responses to “SpeedMaster”

  1. Brian said

    I have an original TS cup Advan Sunny B110 that used to race in Japan (1970s). It’s with me now in Singapore and I would like to know who can supply the front fibreglass race spoiler (like the Tomei Sunny built by Hirota, not the road version), race suspension parts and parts for the mechanical fuel injection. Thanks!

  2. Brian said

    Have not contacted Pitroad yet. Have purchased engine parts from Endo – Bprojects but their front spoiler is more for road use. I saw the underside of the Tomei Sunny that has a deeper and wider spoiler. Also, does anyone have information on the original builders/ tuners of the Advan Sunny B110? Trying to know some race history on my B110.

    Current specs:
    A12 77mm bore, A12 stroke – 1300cc
    Kuegelfisher fuel injection with slide throttle
    Crank trigger ignition
    tubular suspension arms
    4 link rear suspension
    2 pc shortened propellor shaft
    Close ratio 56A 5 speed gearbox
    H145 LSD diff/axle
    8 x 13 front, 9x 13″ Enkei 4 spoke rims

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Show some pictures. Try contact Tomei directly, they put in a lot of development into these cars in the old days.

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