April 17, 2010

Ian has kindly sent me some large scans of the AY12 tech drawing from the Autotechnic issue he got his hands on. Cheers Ian. I think if I had unlimited funds, a KB110 with an AY12 would be the power plant of choice. Oldschool tech at it’s best. Note the 90* banked distributor, the inverted oil filter and tall sump.
After the jump is a design drawing of an AZ12 which I haven’t seen before. A LZ head on an A series. The LZ head was a twin cam cross flow head originally designed for the L-series. Coool.


8 Responses to “AY12”

  1. Ed said

    That AY drawing must be for a Cherry (E10) hence the tall sump with engine mount lugs on it. Cool drawings!

  2. T-Bone said

    does this mean its possible to build ur own az12? like building a 30det

  3. Crazy, never seen/heard of a LZ head on an A series. It must be a different casting, bore centres between an L and A are mucho different. Look at that port angle, so epic. I wonder if it is a short stroke LZ14. Any more info Chris?

    Oh yeah and dont confuse LZ with Z. The Nissan Z motor is effectively an L block with a crossflow head. This is an LZ head, racing only and worth a fortune now.

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Not unless you can read Japanese, may look into it however. Yeah LZ =/= Z head, didn’t really even think about the Z.

  4. woodenturn said

    Beautiful technical drawings. I think I could even convince my girlfriend to hang these in the hall.

    You got a great blog here, thanks for putting in the time.


  5. […] AY12! If the LZ14 that I posted yesterday was rare… this is unobtainable. As of now this is the only footage I’ve seen of this engine and only touches of information exist. Ian took some scans of the TS Cup issue of Autotechnic a while back which featured some information and tech drawings of the AY12 and even an AZ12, click here. […]

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