May 4, 2010

Working on it all day, take photos of it at night. It’s a tight one. The black crap everywhere is rust proofing that has been on the car for 28 years. It’s horrible stuff and it’s taken Damian and I quite some time to get off as much as we have. The WHOLE underside, engine bay, interior under the carpet etc, practically everywhere is covered in the stuff. A cop that pulled me over one day and upon popping the bonnet, commented on the “oil leak”. I raised an eye brow and thought “really?”. Lots of work in this conversion, hopefully it won’t take too long.

Test fit

Gutted and messy.

14 Responses to “”

  1. Hug-o said

    I might do an A15 conversion on my 85, they’re so awesome

  2. Keto said

    now that’ll make it slide!

  3. T-Bone said

    is ther going to be a turbo on this? :D

  4. mr.chompy said

    Next stop, G-Zir0z

  5. WATDA said

    Awesome transplant, you going to be hitting the track alot more in it?

  6. anth said

    Wow Chris, nice one, SR will make it boogie, so can we expect to see some cool drift pics of the ute in the not too distant future? I always thought you’d keep it A-series though. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    • beeoneoneoh said

      No idea how long it will take me to do the swap. I wrote out a comprehensive list of jazz to do and buy for it today in a lecture and it’s pretty big. No trouble though. Will 100% definitely mean it will be on the track more. I will always love a series and no doubt there will be enet hate but meh, SR=fun

      • anth said

        at least with Datsuns, all the popular swaps have been done before so there’s plenty of info out there if you get stuck on anything. I don’t think anyone’s gonna hate on it, but regardless it’s your car so fuck em if they do. As much as I would have loved to have seen a worked A-series in the bay, you can’t argue with the SR for reliability and ease of power. Maybe do something oldschool with the rocker-cover to give it that classic touch, that’s something I want to do with my FJ in the future. Keep up the good work man :)

  7. Di said

    sexy conversion.
    still an A-series stroker, EFI with quads would sound sexier.

  8. oZone said


    It’s so cool!!!! :_)
    We need more pics

    Saludos desde España

  9. nath said

    but still..its sr not a series
    oh well, what are you doing with the old engine?

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