May 9, 2010

SSR MKI haters, divert your eyes now….

Brad White has been kind enough to provide us with photos of THAT C10, the most badass street C10 out. For more of the Gamagori meet, check out the new forum he has setup for our Japanese junk. I shall pipe down now so you can soak in goodness.

Thanks again Brad


12 Responses to “C10 MKI”

  1. 86life said

    Love that car!

  2. racer86 said

    Possibly one of the greatest creations of our time. Outstanding [golf clap].

  3. HeroStyle said

    holy fucking shit.

  4. Mr. Moons said

    I’d really like to see the tire and wheels specs for that thing.

  5. rpreme said

    Oh my goodness! I really like the rim and tire combo, and not to mention the stance!

  6. Dion said

    WOW!!! How could anyone hate rims like that?

  7. […] found some more photos of that C10 skyline with some Watanabe under those big overs. Note the calibre of this auto mobile meet, […]

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