May 17, 2010

Looking back on before I got my excels. Matching wheels is so cool, black centres… were not.


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  1. If you’re don’t have much money then shorten 1200 coupe struts or 120y struts to fit a smaller body pulsar, AW11 or MK1 golf shocks. Weld on spring adjustable platforms and use small springs.
    If you want to do it properly then adapt some body adjustable coilovers from a FWD honda or similar.

  2. nic said

    Hey Chris,
    after deciding to buy a 1200 ute i started doing some research on the net and came across yr blog.
    Sick blog by the way!
    Anyways my car is on trademe $1reserve and doing ok, next car I own will be the 1200 ute and i cant wait to start makin it hot.
    Can you tell me what you have done with your suspension set-up and with 13’s what width and offset suits the ute.
    Much appreciated.


    • depends on a lot of things dude, can go 7.5 and 8J with up to -10ish offset with the right setup but usually best to stay with 7j 7.5j around 0 offset. Don’t bother running anything larger profile than a 175/50 if you want to be low, a bit of camber is your friend too, don’t be shy.

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