June 2, 2010

Torrential rain for a week and a half, blah blah blah. Yeah It’s not mounted yet. But. There has been many movements of the engine and I decided to do things properly and recess the engine into the firewall. The steering link was fouling on the underside of the sump/bellhousing and it was super close to the firewall anyway so the logical step was to move it all backwards. It doesn’t look like to much in the photo but it sits back quite a bit further. Keen to get this sucker mounted so I can start on the thousands of small things. More cutting is yet to come. Hopefully moving it backwards will mean it doesn’t handle to much like balls.


13 Responses to “”

  1. chompy said

    Chompy was previously hatin’, but now, chompy salutes you

  2. primarilyblues said

    Good choice re: engine placement. This may have been covered, but what are you doing in regards to suspension mods with the likely heavier engine and box setup, if anything?

    • beeoneoneoh said

      Will see how much the weight affects first. Will be replacing the coilovers and pulling some castor into the front for sure however.

  3. garageh said

    Think about roll centre

  4. enoezam said

    I this the Orange 1200 youve been had?

  5. Nick_m said

    in regards to set back, take one steel wheel barrow tub, (about $50 new from bunnings) section to required depth and width, weld in. It sounds dodge as but pm me on the datsun site and i’ll rassle up some pics of a finished one. Looks pretty smart. Also if the gear lever is too far back for your liking, purchase an rb20 box. They can be swapped onto the sr bell housing and the shifter rear section is shorter (pretty sure the mounts are in the same location). It moves the shift forward approximately 50mm.

    • beeoneoneoh said

      haha, a wheel barrow tub! awesome. Yea may have to look into the RB box, are you running one now? My SR my not be sitting as low as yours but at least I will be able to drive it around when I lower the truck more. It sits level with the cross member and the gearbox with the chassis rails pretty nicely. I just have to finish exams and it has to stop raining so I can do some real progress.

      • Nick_m said

        nah, I haven’t but i’m thinking pretty hard about it. Just need to check out what the ratio’s are like and try find one that hasn’t been toasted by flat peakers in skidfiros.

  6. beeoneoneoh said

    enoezam, A15 has gone under the bench. May sell it if someone wants an A15 otherwise it will kick back with the other engines for a while

  7. andy said

    Cool to see your ute featured in New Zealand performance car. Like the new decals on the door too.

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