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  1. Sam said

    Have you got your own darkroom dude?

    • beeoneoneoh said

      yeah man, it’s just a cleaned up and setup laundry. I put it together during 7th form college when I was behind on my end of year board and needed to sit in the darkroom for a couple of days in a row.

      • Sam said

        How often do you do film photography? I used to do highschool photog as well -_-, still got my old canon slr. But 7D shits on it. haha. Might need to get an old 35mm or medium format would be ace.

  2. C's Garage said

    Thats a nice necklace you’ve got on there man!

  3. beeoneoneoh said

    Sam, yeah the 7D is an awesome camera to use. The focus system is probably my favourite after dealing with a 20D for so long. I don’t get to video anywhere near as often as I would like but I try take photos every day if I can. I am actually having way more fun with my father’s Pentax than the 7D funnily enough. Having no light meter and no knowing how the film will turn out gives great satisfaction when you develop the film. I’m going to pick up some colour film soon and give that a go soon

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