June 22, 2010

This is the front of the engine and the space between the radiator support and the crank pulley. I may turn down the crank pulley since I do not run power steering, I’ll see how much space there is when the radiator goes in. Research on clutch master cylinders was the letter of today and I have a few coming in so I can measure to see if they will fit between the plenum. I am getting some card this afternoon to make a g/box tunnel mock up and will have a talk to the cert man about the exhaust bulge I plan on making to keep it all up high.
Z32, NA6CE,B2000 all have pretty short clutch master cylinders for others future reference. They all have a 5/8″ bore size too. S13 is about 115mm long (too long it seems) and has a 5/8″ bore. S14 has a 11/16″ bore.


5 Responses to “”

  1. johnnyblz said

    cool man, been woundering how this was coming along

  2. andy said

    Is the exhaust bulge going to be in the passengers footwell/firewall? What rear end you going to run with the new engine?

  3. VB110 Chris said

    Hey Chris.
    Ive used a clutch cylinder with remote resior factory out of a 2008 nissan pulsar. Worked a treat to mate up to b110 pedal and is so small in size to fit behind big plenum.
    Its in my build thread on NZdatsun.com
    Keep up the hard work

  4. enoezam said

    Awww damn. Your about to get double the Hp.

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