July 25, 2010


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  1. that photo is killer! real rad feel! I say start typing your blog posts on that bad boy and scan em in!!

  2. Balang Project said

    Thats sweet, I’ve got a type writer myself, but its mainly just for hearing the clicking sound.

  3. banpei said

    Nice! :)
    I’m currently photographing with several old M42’s on my 350D and I’ve witnessed some of the same challenges as you did. It took me some time before I could get the hang of it and produce the same images as with my Mamiya and Praktica 35mm cameras…

    For instance, this one was taken with a Vivitar 135mm:

    Still far from perfect, but the warmth of the Vivitar makes the image more lively.
    (I must say that the saturation settings were altered one notch on the camera)

    In contrast of that I have a 50mm Pentacon from the DDR which is more blueish and gives awesome (ghost-like) effects with backlight when put on f1.8! Also got some great pictures with that lens when I took some pictures of the full moon last night! ;)

    Of course the lenses are very crude and fuzzy compared to the modern lenses, but if you like taking retro look pictures they will certainly do the job well. :)

  4. banpei said

    BTW: this is the Pentacon 50mm lens I was talking about:

  5. theindustrialist said

    Love the philosophy & your film photographs, especially those of autos. They give a timeless feel.
    I love shooting with a Nikon 135mm f/2.8 AIS (manual focus & no metering) on my D50 DSLR, and I also own a few 35mm cameras that I use now and again.

    Keep up the good work!

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