September 9, 2010


7 Responses to “”

  1. Isidro said

    Chris, clarify this for me please: the third car from the top on the left side, is it Kawabata’s 180sx?

  2. C's Garage said

    Yaha Isidro, thats the one. I loved that car.

  3. Rob said

    Ebisu East, such a classic shot.

    That car in indeed Kawabata’s

  4. Slappy said

    Fantastic photo is fantastic.

  5. s0apgun said

    One of my favorite photos of all time. Used this photo on my old layout for page four.

  6. Kid Karola said

    Front row: Youichi Yamashita (44A) and Hiroshi Takahashi (A36), Running-Free!

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