October 4, 2010

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    • that will never be a coupe to me, coupes have coupe-esk drawn out rear windscreens. It’s more of a 2 door sedan, a mere formality in classification. it doesn’t really matter.

  1. Lovehearts and bumblebee’s from me. Awesometown.

  2. dalton said

    coupe = 2-doors and a trunk. whether the lines are “coupe-esque” or not is the real formality.

    • In most old cars I see there is coupe and 2 door sedan, coupe has different lines to 2 door sedan which is a 4 door sedan that just lacks rear doors. I suppose in the absence of an actual coupe model one may call it a coupe…

  3. dalton said

    P.S. i love your blog, I’m jus’ sayin’ calling an apple an orange doesn’t really make it an orange. i agree the roofline is sedan-y. I used to really hate that. all respect you your opinions!

  4. pjay said

    Joshes E30 is one of the much nicer ones in NZ. This + Kerrys E30 craziness making out would make wonderful babies.

  5. […] New Years Eve two good friends of mine, Josh and Alex got married. I took the opportunity to shoot my first wedding along side their […]

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