November 15, 2010

Woah, it’s been a marvellously hectic 6 days with Drift Matsuri chewing the last of our energy in the weekend. Ebisu is a dream and I can say that the years of looking at video and pictures of those tracks could never have prepared my eyes for the thrashing they received, it truly is on another level. I’m sure everyone that visits Ebisu says the same thing but “I need a car next year”. Most cars there were missiles or at least just about to become missiles which would be pretty typical of Matsuri I’m sure, the drops on some of those tracks are pretty ridiculous.

I’m sifting through my photos and video at this time and will try to provide a steady stream of my favourites. I offloaded my 7D to my Damian most of the days and shot a great deal of film so there will be a month and a half before anyone sees those; including myself!I was told by a few people that there were more gaijin this year than previously which definitely showed in the amount of SLRs floating around; so there should be plenty of pictures on the net to entice the credit card for spring matsuri. Highlight of the weekend? Seeing Koguchi in his S14 and Saito in his LS1 180 battle at Minami and seeing Saito wave to Koguchi out the window as they hit the apex at full lock.

Huge thanks to Brad and his wife for the hospitality along the way and kampi to all the awesome dudes we met along the way so far. We arrived in Nagoya last night to stay with Ewan for a while. The S14 is outside at the moment and it’s just about to get the knuckles swapped out for some Billspeer items. Early start to get to Meihan tomorrow morning which should provide a few smiles. Japan continues to surprise us every day, I really do not want to leave.

Sayonara for now


3 Responses to “”

  1. Ian said

    Oh, the temptation of saying ‘I told you so’ about wanting to drive in the matsuri!!

    So jealous mate. Wish I was there.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your film shots.

  3. Matt Tregoweth said

    Heh I didn’t end up going on the day of G1GP but the Weds, and Fri. What a bloody awesome thing to see though. Did you get any ride alongs bro? Will upload photos to flickr soon.

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