November 20, 2010

There is an amusing story behind these photos, we were on our way to Classic Car Nagoya (which I have a bunch of photos for later) when we passed Fieldzeye Automotive. A quick glance of this slammed Nissan Pao resulted in a quick u-turn to check out this cool little shop. Kenji greeted us with surprise as we walked between a 620 wagon and a 1200 truck. A super nice dude, he let us look around at his lot, he even had a 510 mid restoration on the hoist which I got a video if the engine running. Fieldzeye seemed to be very influenced by classic American styling and had a few really cool bikes in his shop, an american car meet poster on his desk and a few mooneyes posters around the place. This Nissan Pao caught my eye and had me immediately dreaming of long distance surf road trips with a bunch of mates. 

When I asked Kenji if we could pull it out into the sun so I could take some photos of it he laughed harder than I had seen someone laugh at that question and I caught “Kore!? Kore!? You want to take photos of this!?” between his laughing. Haha I suppose it was a bit of an odd question as I told him I had a sunny truck of my own and there were a few Datsuns in the lot. The Pao had clearly been sitting for a while and it took a bit of turning over to pull some fuel through the system before it started again but then it purred as well as any 1000cc engine would. Out front, Kenji had gotten a hold of some Cali plates which fitted perfectly with the Bridgestone tyres and the overall classic styling.

Below is a photo of Kenji with his sweet summer machine, clearly still amused at the idea of anyone caring about the little Pao. Between chuckles he noted the lack of suspension and the fun he has driving it around.

With styling cues seemingly taken from the classic Beetle, sitting in it I could have sworn I was in Adam’s old VW.

Fieldzeye had an honest feel to it, a genuine auto shop dealing in classics which emulated classic America. I would have liked to check out his stand at the next American car meet which is coming up but time is ticking and Classic Car Nagoya awaited.

After taking all the photos I wanted, we were as amused as he was when we were asked for a photo of us in front of the Pao. He posted it on his blog which I found pretty funny. Thanks Kenji for letting us look around, having a chat and taking the time to let me shoot some photos. Here he is again below being a total badass.


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  1. Wow that Pao is really dope! I went to Japan back in May and I seen quite a few of those and other kei cars such as Daihatsu’s which to me look like a mini cooper at first glance. Man, I love the huge grills on those kei cars. :) Cheers.

  2. […] which I found here: […]

  3. Nigel said

    Thats very cool, finding stuff like this is the real reason to go to Japan.
    I have seen a Pao here in Canada.

  4. adam said

    photos of the sunny truck????

    looks like your having a ball over there chris… keep up the grat photography and coverage..

    im jelous

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