November 24, 2010

Yesterday I finally got to put a face to the infamous Motorfix cars as we tripped around a bunch of shops in the Gifu area. Meet Nozumu Sakai and his young worker; pictured here in front of their wagon body to sedan floor pan swap. They are both civil engineers and Nozumu is the man behind the creations that come from their shop. We hung out for a few hours, had a coffee and talked about their classics, drifting and their up and coming 1UZ swap on one of their KE70s. A guy who was there (sorry I never caught his name) was over the moon with my Rolleiflex when he showed interest in it and I let him look down through it. Apparently Nozumu is a big C’s Garage and Beeoneoneoh fan and showed us that we were in his favourites tab, it was a big honour. We swapped stickers in appreciation and he showed us to his hidden lot which I can say totally made my day, week and trip. I will let the up coming photos do the talking but think about a bunch of classics crammed together in a small grassy and spidery lot overshadowed by bamboo bush. Amongst these are some of your favourite Motorfix cars, grass and branches seemingly trying to return the rusted out shells to the earth. The amusing thing is that they still go, they still get beaten on as hard as ever and they will continue to be re-pieced back together until one day they truly do return to the earth in the form of a squashed tin can.

どうもありがとう Motorfix


5 Responses to “”

  1. woodenturn said

    WOW! So Jealous. Thanks for sharing with us. More pics of the wagon, and any others you come across.

  2. jerryspl said

    man, you are a lucky dude. keep the pictures rolling in.

  3. Todd said

    so jealous!!!! and i have to ask, did they ask about my wagon? been a few pics of it on your blog etc

  4. Sam said

    Dude this is such a rad pic! Sums up the whole culture really

  5. […] there. Whilst they are not to easy to find the scenery was beautiful. To see more click here, here, here, here annnnd here. The first and second are my favourite and I still have many rolls to film […]

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