November 25, 2010

It may look like an abandoned wreck but that’s the point. To me these cars are the true essence of fun in drifting and seeing these cars in their ‘carport’ was inspiring to say the least.
Please don’t rip my photos off, I retain the copyrights to all my photographs posted on this blog.


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  1. chris,

    killing it in japan sir, was good to meet you,

    just to let you know everywhere i look your photos are good, but bad more than anything. i have been not watermarking my photos for a few months now and sadly there isn’t much you can do about people flogging them off. i’ve tried to explain to some people who’ve taken them, that we post them on our blogs for the blogs, if we wanted them where they’re posting them we’d post them there.

    just letting you know man, places like secretdrift etc

  2. banpei said

    From all photos you shot in Japan so far I like this one absolutely best!
    Then again: I heart rustoseums. ;)

  3. Nigel said

    There are people out there who take, because they cannot make.
    These people have less than five percent of the skill and talent you have.
    (Another awesome pic.)

  4. oli said

    i love motorfix to death, they inspired me to buy a complete wreck of a ke70 and attempt to breath life back into it in a similar fasion. ♥

  5. Wendy said

    Looking good Chris, great trip going on.

  6. evan said

    awesome photos.
    cant wait to see more.

  7. anth said

    enjoying your coverage chris, very nice shots you’ve been posting up.

  8. Snoozin said

    Awesome man, just awesome… this shot captures the essence of the Motorfix lads perfectly. Really enjoying your coverage, and of course the shots. Taken by a real enthusiast, with real enthusiasm and it shows. All the best for future travels and keep us updated. Cheers, Richy.

  9. saget said

    So so sweet.

  10. […] took whilst there. Whilst they are not to easy to find the scenery was beautiful. To see more click here, here, here, here annnnd here. The first and second are my favourite and I still have many rolls to […]

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