December 11, 2010

Japan is…

A sentence started but never finished completely. I started to write about my returning to New Zealand and then tried to describe my thoughts on the country, I failed.

I don’t think I have been so enthused about anything in my life, Japan is everything and each day I was there involved more living than I had done all year. The automotive culture in Japan is pretty insane, pretty much everything from track opening times to parts availability is aimed to make drifting easier and it shows in the level of driving. The best part of Japan for me however, was the people. We met and befriended so many people in the past 4 weeks, lots of them that I have read about and admired for years and I am truly stoked that we experienced the hospitality that we did.

Along the way we stayed with two good friends, Brad and Ewan. Brad is from New Zealand also, has an awesome wife named Ecko and lives in a shrine, no shit. They picked us up in Tokyo and took us along to Autumn Drift Matsuri at Ebisu which was easily a highlight of the trip. Brad is an ultimate good dude and it was unfortunate he had to shoot back to NZ because it would have rocked to hang out some more, I learnt so much Japanese when we were with him. Maximum thanks for taking in two more frothing dudes and letting us crash on your floor. Check out Brad’s blog PLUS SIX FOUR, if he ever gets around to it he may even post some more Ebisu photos.

The majority of the cars we saw, people we met and tracks we got to were thanks to Ewan and his excitement to spend all day driving around to find the most left field car shops. Ewan is a friend we met through his business Hayatonka which imports cars and car parts. Hayatonka translates to ‘fast toys’ which would be appropriate given his highly tuned Suzuki Every 660 parts hauler. I cannot thank Ewan and his wife Yasuyo enough for putting us up and also for the amount we saw in the time we were with them. If you want anything from Japan, especially if you are from NZ, then Ewan is the dude to see. I believe there is a container coming sometime soon so get in quick before it leaves. You can contact him and use his awesome layout for finding parts on Yahoo auctions on his website HAYATONKA IMPORTS

With aching legs and not enough time in the day to sleep off the energy used; I sit, back in my room, in front of this computer, looking out the window upon a driveway crammed with cars and a clear sky. A little slice of Japan that we have created in an otherwise fairly boring North Shore suburb. New Zealand is beautiful and is my home but that trip to Japan has changed everything. As you can imagine I have more film to develop than I could ever need, expect some to be posted early next week along with a sunny truck load of digital photos from Japan. There is some drifting coming up so I will have lots to post from NZ too.

7 Responses to “”

  1. primarilyblues said

    Been enjoying your posts a lot lately, especially since you ditched the typewriter font.

    Easy to see you have the post trip adrenalin pumping hard. Good shit

    • I actually enjoy the typewriter scans Eliot but that’s just me. I may keep using them as it means more thought into writing rather than simply typing whatever in a post. For now I’m keeping it normal text as the effort required for each post is quite high when using my typewriter… lazy. I’m happy you’re enjoying my photos however, cheers

  2. Slappy said

    So were you, Brad, Casey & Nigel all there at the same time? o.0

  3. auszoku said

    going to japan for the first time and losing your virginity are pretty close for how awesome it is.

    after its over all you want to do is do it again :P

    its a shame i didnt meet you up at ebisu, ewan told me after the weekend was over that you guys had been there… oh well, next time

  4. Nigel said

    Trip of a lifetime sounds like. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tim Bush said

    Thanks for sharing this. The Kids heart type x is actually a sileighty, judging by the side photo. Its a type x 180 with a s13 front end.

    Did you get any more pics of that car? I’d be quite interested in them as I’m trying to see if its possible to make type x lines flow with a S13 front.



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