December 12, 2010

Today Mike and Waz from Slipway hired out Hampton Downs new skid pan and put on a sweet low key drift day in NZs burning sun. After being a little depressed about being back in the land of the long white cloud it was pretty refreshing to hang out with a bunch of mates, have a BBQ and turn a wheel. The above red NA6 has been in the works for some time now after a long delay in suspension postage. I don’t recall posting about it but earlier in the year we took Nick’s (above) and Damians NA6s down to Meremere for a cone day and gave them a bit of a kick. Pretty much stock apart from locked diffs and coilovers in Damians car they were interesting to drive and ever since Nick has been hanging out for some proper suspension. The coilovers went in last week and the Work Equip 01s finally found there home, there is a full set for the road but the factory 1600 can’t spin the 195s so the 14″ Watanabes from Damians NA6 went on the rear for the day. A few more parts are destined to make it to the car but overall it’s just a clean street car ready for the odd drift day (the rear quarter scratches were from the previous owner and should be repainted sometime soon).

After taking photos solidly for a full month it was also pretty refreshing to throw the camera in the March and drive! Nick, Damian and I alternated most of the day which was way more fun than watching. Drifting is not a good opportunity cost for unpaid photography haha. Keisuke was there taking photos and even managed to get his totally standard B310 sedan out there for some wheel lifting action, so I’m sure he will post a photo or two. We locked the diff on my friend Nicks (tall Nick below) white NA6 on Saturday in preparation for today and he was out there on factory everything except a set of coilovers. That’s three NA6s through this house now, it would have been amusing to see all three out at once, maybe in the future?

It was quite slippery on the new concrete and it was blindingly hot in the unshaded sun but overall it was a killer Monday, much better than working. I’m going to try book in a cert for Nicks NA this week so fingers crossed it passes for some fun, summer, legal driving.


7 Responses to “”

  1. philstar said

    sizing on the wats? and tire size?

    roadsters! <3

    • 14×7.5 -3 with some ugly 185/55s on them haha

      They are for sale at the moment so be in contact if you’re interested. Get a good price with the exchange rate I’m sure.

  2. Aidan said

    Damn the red NA is slammed. Gotta get coilovers for mine bad.

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