December 15, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree, formally ‘New Tokyo Tower’ is mid construction and when completed it expected to stand at 634m tall and hold the record of the worlds tallest tower. It’s hard to walk around the Asakusa area without seeing this giant, I’d love to get to the top of this when it’s completed.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Scott B said

    Japanese power lines are so awesome

  2. TeknoTwinky said

    ^^^ overhead lines ftw! all the messing they do here in Ireland just to run them underground.

    Hey christopher, what camera did you use here? I love the early 80s’s TV grainy effect!

  3. Killua said

    I like the effect that the film gives to the photos.

    And, what an incredible country is Japan… I’d like to go there too. And stay.

  4. s0apgun said

    Pretty awesome Chris… but you already know this. B)

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