December 16, 2010

Anyone remember Nightzone? Akinori Utsumi still does consistent backwards entries at Meihan but now with a more upgraded onevia. 650ps thanks to his NOS spooled T047 SR20 and a set of big ass Advan Neovas mean fast initiations and some ridiculous recovery, when he lifted off throttle the car practically came to a stop from all the grip. Utsumi san is a pretty cool guy, we chatted for a while about the car and he was more than happy to pose for some photos after he saw my Rolleiflex and found out I was shooting with film.

I got some video of him and still have to process my favourite photos on medium format film but I’m pretty happy with how these came out.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Sam said

    Chris, that first photo is possibly one of my favourite of your photos of all time

  2. Slappy said

    You are awesome, period.

  3. s0apgun said

    Good to see he’s still rocking the March Blue guttiwuts.

  4. […] those backwards entries I was saying that Utsumi san was doing at Meihan and how every time I didn’t think he’d make it? These aren’t […]

  5. Kid Karola said

    Night Zone! Man those guys were crazy back in the day. So many crashes often into each other, but they always laughed it off. Cool to see Akinori Utsumi still rocking in epic style 10 years on.

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