December 22, 2010

My mind is a curious thing. The time we spent at restaurants in Japan was plenty and every meal was looked forward to. Some of my favourite times were sitting down at a newly discovered restaurant, eating tender slabs of food and pondering the events of the day with friends; often just happy to be sitting down for a change.

Curious, however that my mind seems to have grouped all the sushi train dinners into one or two particular times. I remember this place, I remember taking these photos (do I though, I took lots of sushi train photos) and I remember that green tea mug with the menu on it. I can remember talking to that couple next to us and having a laugh with the old waitress that served us. I can’t however; remember where this was, Sapporo maybe? It could have even been Osaka or Hiroshima after visiting Haruguchi.

It’s about this time that I praise the creativity of man and his urge to record time whether it be a photograph, a painting, a cave wall drawing even. Without these attempts to grasp time I think that much like the HDD of now; my mind would skip a step, wipe itself clean and start over without anything but a feeling of the past.
Photographer. Time keeper? Artist? Explorer? Extrovert? Historian?


2 Responses to “”

  1. s0apgun said

    These are great, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Shane Lach said

    Inspires me to pick up my Bronica and shoot some photos again. I miss it.

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