December 23, 2010

Nakamura san is one of those special drivers that for a photographer, it’s hard not to take to many photos of. Even when I try to cut them down to only the best; I’m left with a mountain of favourites. His nonchalant friendly attitude in the pits, his aggressive paint/sticker schemes and his incredible driving make for a situation where everything is worth capturing. It’s safe to say I’m a Nakamura fan and it shows in one my favourite photos of Meihan. Here he is with two from his fan club; never to busy to pose for a photo.

Above we have the man, now the machine. I don’t think anyone else in the world could pull off pink and purple flames, highlighter yellow wheels and a blanket of stickers. It may not be every ones style but I think it all matches his driving style quite perfectly.

Fast entry, long tail drag along the wall, wide line and huge angle… sums up his driving quite well. I have posted quite a bit from Meihan already with still more to come. Check through the previous Japan content for two videos and some photos.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Henry said

    Great write up Chris, really loving the film pictures. Merry Christmas too

  2. are those his kids? i read in a doriten that he does have a kid or two? (maybe)

  3. Nigel said

    Merry Xmas, your pics help us stay near our “happy place”.

  4. dylan said

    your photos are simply amazing!

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