December 26, 2010

beeoneoneoh has upgraded once again.

Film is a large part of my life and I spend a considerable amount of time and effort into creating photographs with it that suit the medium. The time I have spent in the darkroom planning and developing photos has vastly improved the way I think about photography and it’s time to move to the next step. As you know I post a lot of my film on here, most of it is scans of the prints I have made or had made on a $50 flatbed scanner and to be honest the quality is hideous. Although it maximizes the grain and the tones of film that I love so much, it does distort the realism of the print and I have been hanging out for a good quality negative scanner to take care of that.

As a part 21st present and part Christmas present I got given a new scanner, I couldn’t be more stoked. It’s not any old scanner though but a Epson V700 which can handle up to 6400DPI of everything from 35mm slides and colour to large format film, has a dual lens setup and can scan a slide at 2400DPI in under a minute. It can also do a massive 48bit, 12800DPI scan with interpolation on the resolution but that just crashes my computer with its file sizes. It’s a professional scanner and needless to say I spent the first night I had it scanning all my favourite negatives and marvelling at the resolution, crispness and speed of it all.

I rescanned the colour negatives I have and will continue to post the last of the best from Japan. After that I will be moving onto my other film of which I am very happy with and I hope it stokes you guys as much as it does me. HUGE thanks go to my wonderful photographer mother Wendy for the present and to Tarryn for doing the research, it will truly help me onto that next step in my photography. I shall still spend loads of time in my darkroom but for now I can’t wait to scan my medium format film.


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