December 31, 2010

Welcome to 2011. I’d like to start by saying a big thanks to all of you that follow me and enjoy my photos for without your responses and feedback it wouldn’t be worth the large amount of time I put into this. Secondly an even bigger thanks to my those who have inspired, helped, motivated and laughed with me along the way.

2010 was a huge year for me and beeoneoneoh, I can only hope that 2011 will be as incredible. I’m not to much into the whole resolution making and year recap thing but I think it is good to at least recognise change and visualise the future. I have learnt a lot and have grown greatly in the past year, my views and values have evolved and I can say I have a better outlook on life and where I want to aim for in the future. I’d like to share a bit if I may; in an attempt to maybe resolve something from the sporadic day dreams that flood my mind repetitively and hopefully it may reach a few of you.

The great opportunity cost of photography versus living your passion. Getting into photography is easy, being a truly great photographer is not. Our culture is driven by media and it seems natural for one to become interested in picking up a camera when you are blasted with imagery every day, the Internet, billboards, magazines, posters, everywhere. Something I have felt for a long time and feel every day I pick my cameras up is the opportunity cost of photography. To capture those alluring images that brew in our mind; most of the time we need to isolate ourselves from the event and become a fly on the wall of life. In doing so we are faced with the cost of non participation in the event itself. I often go a whole day of taking photos and come out feeling like I never even attended.

For many of us, especially those of you who visit beeoneoneoh, you are ‘ automotive enthusiasts’ in what ever sense of the term you fit and my message is mainly to you. This cost can sometimes be very large, for myself who really does place life around cars and has done for way to many years; the feeling of missing out on driving or riding is painful. The plus side to being so deep into automotive culture is it makes photographing it easier and I do think that to reach that higher level of photography in what ever field you choose, one has to be rather than just observe. So my feeling is clear and probably a little bit obvious at this point. Isolating yourself to pursue that photo or level of photography is good; it drives one to grow, but sometimes for those of us who feel the passion of what ever it is we are photographing it is important that we leave it all behind and become what we observe. The ringer here is when the passion for image making is so large that it itself becomes the thing you crave, over riding that initial thing you were so driven to capture. Don’t let photography get the best of you is what I’m trying to say, there is more to life than taking photos.

For myself however, my passion for photography is greater than ever and only continues to build. The importance of writing, conversing, photographing and being able to tie it all together has become obvious in the last year and every time I sit down at my type writer or computer I embed a bit of myself into the paper. My interest in contemporary art photography is growing and I hope to bring it all to the table in the forthcoming year with help with a very good friend. I plan to continue my travels around the world this year and uncover part of myself that I have been suffocating with cars and photography for to long. That is to say I want to become my surfer self once again, I work for a surfboard manufacturer and have deep roots in the surfing industry that have been pushed aside for too long.

Is the ‘new years resolution’ a lazy persons way of recognising what they wish to do without having any real motivation otherwise to do it? Possibly. I do think however it is good to know where you wish to be, acknowledgement is the first step but one should really do what is wanted to be done; when one recognises the need to do it.

Now I know some of you may be expecting a favourite photo or set of photos from myself and to be honest I did give it some thought. I came to the realization however that to try and sum up my thoughts and the themes of beeoneoneoh in an image or even a small group of images would be a fruitless effort. All the photos I post on beeoneoneoh and all the photos I have put this effort into are my favourite so feel free to scroll back in time and discover some forgotten gems. My favourite categories are film and Japan10

Here’s to the fresh year and here is to growth, passion and perseverance.


6 Responses to “”

  1. Hear Hear

    I can relate to this alot.

    Bring on 2011!!!

  2. Nigel said

    The ultimate goal, finding ourselves !! The older you get the more difficult it will become…
    Start now !! Happy 2011.

  3. Balang Project said

    Some wise words being dropped here and probably one of the main reasons why I love your blog. It revolves around the automotive world, and a few other things, but without bringing importance to actual act of photographing itself. Just the beauty of the subject, not the technique. I’ve been in the position you described before, where you take pictures of an event and you feel as if you didn’t even take part. After acknowlegding what I’d just done I decided to try and never do it again. Awayway… nice.

  4. Jesse said

    Keep doing what your doing, because you are good at it. I enjoy your photos very much. happy new year!

  5. Matej said

    Your photography has always been most flattering to its objects. Cheers!

  6. lachlan said

    your photography is amazing, your photos from japan are sensational. the images are so raw and detailed.all the best for 2011. i want to make a big print of that photo of haraguchi in front of the workshop

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